4 (Sober) Absolutes

This was very true and informative


Happier Times

Life is finally feeling brighter everyday that I’m sober. I’m starting to see joy again, I just got back from an amazing vacation to Cancun, I had the time of my life.

I remember being concerned if I would slip up and suck down a cold corona, but I didn’t. Then I sat at the pool with my girlfriends drinking it up enjoying themselves of course, which was fine with me and I didn’t.     I still had my sparkling water with lime, that works for me. We all laughed, talked and still enjoyed the water and sites with them. So all that uncertainty was gone as soon as I saw my own suite and the view was unbelievable. I even saw a shooting star.

I felt like a new woman, respected, loved,and watched over by everyone but that was ok. I enjoy every moment of my trip and will never forget how it changed me.

thank god I’m staying sober today😊👏🌠☀️

Vacations can be a challenge that I need to prepare

Hello Bloggers, I have a question what are some ways to prepare myself for a getaway to Cancun with my lifelong drinking girlfriends. How can I understand that I will never be that loud, outgoing, fearless, hilarious, annoying, drunk person again. 

She is long gone, I’ve transformed into a healthy, breast cancer survivor, domestic violence survivor and now know that I have mixed bipolar disorder and of course alcoholism. She feels great and has to go to this vacation retreat but I’m scared I might slip up, I’ve been sober 402 days of not one sip of alcohol. My drink of choice was Budweiser, my dreaded brutal second husband that I had for 35 year relationship. Like all relationship we started of great so much fun and excitement. Such a feeling, my getaway from(which is another story) the world as a young, naive, scared, unguided, young woman.

Well right now I’m intending on going with no fear of relapse but still in the back of my head I don’t trust myself. That’s why I hope some people have some advice for my situation. 

Bitch Slapping My Inner Alcohol Abuser

Keep it up you don’t realize the strength you have.

Bye Bye Lush

I’ve spent the last 6 days organizing cupboards, drawers & closets like an OCD mad woman on crack! Throwing away stuff I didn’t know we even had, forgot about or no longer need feels sooooooo good. As I organize a section in my home, I come up with more ideas after the organizing. This cleaning mode has given me a “high” I need to feel like I’m in control. It’s weird.

When drinking takes control over me, I fight back. I need control over something as I work towards infinite sobriety. It’s simple. I bitch slap my inner alcoholic by taking on a project, idea or situation I immediately can control. My victim currently is organizing my home. Seems healthy, right?

There are signs that pop up as I’m going through 12 years of  stuff that collects while living & having kids under one roof. I sift through books to…

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Starting Over

I am starting a new way of living and I love it but need to come out of my shell, I feel like blogging can bring out that new woman and get rid of bullshit that’s held me back from being the person I should be. So learning and reading others lives and how to overcome is another reason I started to blog. 

So being new to this, I am excited to join blogging 101. 

The weather is changing for the better and being 399 days sober is me changing for the better.